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    Cooperation between Liaoning and Jiangsu Provinces in Fine Chemicals

    Time: 2019-04-25

    Sinochem New Network News On September 15, the "Liaoning-Jiangsu counterpart cooperation series investment promotion meeting-Fine Chemicals Special Session" opened in Nanjing. The leaders from the Industrial and Economic Commissions of the two provinces and related cities and key petrochemical parks And more than 180 representatives from more than 80 enterprises in Jiangsu Province attended the meeting. At the meeting, the two parties signed 6 investment agreements in the field of fine chemicals.

    Among them, Jiangsu Tiancifu Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. and Fushun High-tech Industrial Development Zone signed investment agreements for chemical raw materials and food additives production projects, Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone Yuhai Chemical Co., Ltd. and Fushun High-tech Industrial Development Zone signed waste chemical product packaging materials. Recycling and recycling project investment agreement, Jiangsu Guotuo Investment Co., Ltd. and Fuxin Fluorine Industry Development Zone signed an investment agreement for pesticide production projects, Jiangsu Xinying Chemical Co., Ltd. and Fuxin Fluorine Industry Development Zone signed a second phase iodide project investment agreement, Zhangjiagang Wasion Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Liaoning North New Materials Industrial Park have signed an investment agreement for the production of benzyl alcohol.

    Gao Wei, deputy director of the Liaoning Industry and Information Commission, pointed out that the petrochemical industry is one of the pillar industries in Liaoning Province, and 15 key petrochemical parks are the main battlefield for the development of the petrochemical industry in Liaoning. It is hoped that by virtue of Jiangsu's talents, technology, capital, industry and other advantages in the field of fine chemicals, it will help Liaoning develop the fine chemical industry through a new cooperation model, lengthen the petrochemical industry chain, supplement the shortcomings of the industry, and achieve win-win development for all parties.

    "Jiangsu and Liaoning are important areas of the" Belt and Road ". The petrochemical industry of the two places has a very deep foundation. A number of well-known enterprises and chemical projects in Jiangsu such as Jiangsu Hengli have already developed in Liaoning. There will be more space, "said Hu Xuetong, deputy director of Jiangsu Economic and Information Commission.

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